wow ok so I have to go home in nine hours and maybe that coffee earlier was a bad idea because i still have to sleep and pack and stuff but i’m wide the fuck awake

so here’s some late night reflections from elle

there are 46 of you following me and i love you all

i never expected to have so many people so soon

and to have posts that were so popular (i did not think the osculate one would be so hot but wow)

but srsly

i thank every single entity that has liked, reblogged, and/or followed me and my sciwitchy shit

i don’t think i’ll ever get tired of tumblr telling me that X has liked my post, Y has reblogged, or Z has started to follow me

i think it is super cool that there is a niche for the hybridization of science and witchery and i’m not the only one who sees the huge overlap

and i just want you all to know that i love you and i don’t bite and i like talking so if you’re ever wanting to drop a line then get comfortable and drop a fucking line ‘cause you’re a motherfucking boss and i love you